Kemper Technology Consulting Network Architects - Building Work Better, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky technology consultant

What makes us different?

With business technology moving at superhuman speed, we recognize that you can’t throw a widget at every glitch in your IT infrastructure and expect it to fit. We specialize in finding the right tools to keep your business running smoothly.

Kemper Technology Consulting Who We Are - Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky technology consultants

Who We Are

We are technoloholics – business consultants who happen to love staying ahead of the curve in finding solutions to our clients’ biggest information technology problems.
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Kemper Technology Consulting What We Do - Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky network, software, web, and VoIP consultants

What We Do

We use our superpowers to bring software struggles and network nightmares to a standstill. We also help untangle your web worries, and we’ll help you whiz through IP phone configurations.
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Kemper Technology Consulting Where to Find Us - Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky technology consultants

Where to Find Us

The technical answer? We’re in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. The practical answer? Wherever you are. Technology enables us to perform services remotely – without regard to geography.
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