Optimize for People

October 15, 2013 by Jennifer Green

It has become widely known that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important tool for leveraging your business’ success online. However, many website owners take the wrong approach to improving their rankings on search engines such as Google. They focus more on using and paying for aggressive SEO services as the primary way to improve their rankings, instead of focusing on what content they’re actually providing to users and how that can affect the way search engines rank their website.

Website owners may occasionally encounter specialty SEO companies that promise high results and guaranteed page rankings by using specific paid keywords they believe will yield the most results. However, these strategies will never work in the long term. Search engines such as Google are constantly changing the criteria they use to determine a website’s ranking. Their goal is to make a ranking system that ensures the top results are websites rich in valuable, beneficial content and are not artificially boosted. By creating informative and dynamic content on your website for your users, you will be in line with Google’s main goal: optimizing for people. The good rankings will come naturally.

So don’t spend excessive amounts of money from your marketing budgets on specialty SEO services that advertise with the latest buzz words and promise results that are impossible to guarantee. Create a digital strategy that focuses on informative, dynamic content that will be valuable to your users. In the end, the best person to boost your search engine rankings is you.


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