Is Your Website Pocket-Friendly?

October 15, 2013 by Kyle Nisswandt

More than 1.2 billion people currently browse their favorite websites on mobile devices, and that number is continuing to rise.  Due to this trend, the need for websites to be accessible on smaller displays and fully usable on touchscreens has never been greater. Luckily, utilizing responsive web design is easy and will enhance the experience for phone and tablet users while still looking great on desktop monitors.

The concept behind responsive web design is rather simple; when users visit your website, the browser checks the dimensions of their screen, and a specific set of styles is chosen for that particular device.  Menus and content can be designed to display optimally for both desktops and small touchscreens, making your website easier to use at any size.  Due to the enhanced browsing experience with a responsive design, mobile and tablet users will be able to navigate your website with the same speed and ease of use they would enjoy if they were using a desktop monitor.  The increase in website activity on mobile devices could directly lead to increased product sales and customer traffic by allowing users a quick and easy way to locate contact information and make purchases online.

Responsive web design improves the web browsing experience for your end users – your customers and clients – but it is advantageous for businesses, too.  When you create one responsive website, you save money by eliminating the need to design a separate mobile website.  The content and domain name are exactly the same regardless of what device is accessing it.  The design and layout simply changes depending on the device you are using.  When done correctly, your users may never know that your website appears differently on devices other than their own.  Stay ahead of the game, and talk to us about utilizing responsive design on your website today.


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